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Table 1 The type of post-translational modification that Parkin participates in and its biological function

From: Post-translational modification of Parkin and its research progress in cancer

Post-translational modification typeModification siteModification of related enzymesBiological functions
PhosphorylationSerine, threonine, tyrosineProtein kinase, protein phosphataseSignal transduction, cell cycle, growth and development, cancer mechanism
UbiquitinationLysineUbiquitin activating enzyme, binding enzyme, ligase and degrading enzyme, ubiquitin-specific proteaseCell proliferation, apoptosis, DNA damage repair, Immune response
SumoylationLysineSUMO-specific proteaseMitochondrial division, DNA damage repair, genomic stability
NeddylationLysineNEDD8 activating enzyme, Cullin E3 enzymeCell cycle, signal transduction, apoptosis
S-NitrosylationCysteineNitric oxide synthaseApoptosis, inflammatory response, immunosuppression