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Table 3 Comparison of prognosis prediction performances of the 7th and 8th AJCC/UICC staging systems with the modified pTNM staging system

From: Proposal and validation of a modified staging system to improve the prognosis predictive performance of the 8th AJCC/UICC pTNM staging system for gastric adenocarcinoma: a multicenter study with external validation

pTNM staging system Figure Log-rank χ2 Linear-trend χ2 Likelihood-ratio χ2 AIC
Training cohort
 7th edition 3A 2236 1595 2251 56781
 8th edition 3B 2295 1636 2283 56749
 Modified 3C 2425 1727 2360 56672
External validation cohort
 7th edition 3D 1917 1643 1870 84973
 8th edition 3E 1941 1662 1884 84959
 Modified 3F 1957 1674 1894 84949
  1. AJCC/UICC American Joint Committee on Cancer/Union for International Cancer Control, pTNM pathological tumor-node-metastasis staging system, AIC Akaike information criterion