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Table 2 Tumor stage of NPC patients who underwent nasopharyngeal brushing

From: Nasopharyngeal brushing: a convenient and feasible sampling method for nucleic acid-based nasopharyngeal carcinoma research

Variable Number of patients
Total 48
Clinical stage
 I/II 3
 III 17
 IV 11
T stage
 1 1
 2 3
 3 18
 4 9
N stage
 0 2
 1 10
 2 14
 3 5
M stage
 0 30
 1 1
  1. The pathological staging information was evaluated by clinical doctors based on comprehensive results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), histopathologic examination, and clinical symptoms. Some patients were biopsy-diagnosed with NPC in our cancer center but subsequently moved to other hospitals for further diagnosis and treatment. For these patients, results such as MRI were not collected, while only their histopathological information was obtained. The staging information of 17 patients was lost in this study
  2. NPC nasopharyngeal carcinoma