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Table 1 Cohorts and neoadjuvant SRS dose levels in the present study

From: Neoadjuvant stereotactic radiosurgery for intracerebral metastases of solid tumors (NepoMUC): a phase I dose escalation trial

CohortSRS dose level (Gy)
Lesion of ≤ 1.0 cm182022
Lesion of 1.1–2.5 cm161820
Lesion of 2.6–3.0 cm141618
Lesion of 3.1–4.0 cm121416
  1. The patients will be assigned to 4 different cohorts depending on the largest diameter of the intracerebral metastases to be radiosurgically treated before surgical removal. Each cohort has 3 dose levels. Size and dose were chosen according to the recommondations of the German Society of Radiation Oncology (DEGRO) working group on SRS for intracerebral metastases. The first 3 patients in the first cohort will be treated at a starting dose. If no dose-limiting toxicity (DLT) occurs in that dose level, the following 3 patients will be treated at the next higher dose level; if any of the first 3 patients experiences a DLT, the following 3 patients will be treated at the same dose level. At the highest dose level, at least 6 patients will be treated. Dose will be prescribed to the 80% isodose for linear accelerator (LINAC)-based radiotherapy
  2. SRS stereotactic radiosurgery