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Table 1 Flow chart of the study: time points and the assessed dimensions at the time points

From: Effects of two types of exercise training on psychological well-being, sleep, quality of life and physical fitness in patients with high-grade glioma (WHO III and IV): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Outcome dimensions and time points Time points
− 4 to − 1 weeksa − 1 week Week 0 Week 3 Week 6
Diagnosis and surgery X     
Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy at the same time    X X
Patient’s eligibility is checked   X    
Signed written informed consent      
Randomization   X    
 Cardiovascular performance (6MWT) and grip strength    X X X
 Psychological functioning    X X X
Start study interventions    X   
 Interventions    X X
 Study end      X
  1. 6MWT 6-min walking test, X this dimension is assessed; blue arrow, the time point from one period to the next
  2. a− 4 to − 1 weeks, 4 weeks to 1 week of pre-treatment period