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Table 4 Performance indices of the different classifications

From: A homogenized approach to classify advanced gastric cancer patients with limited and adequate number of pathologically examined lymph nodes

Classification Likelihood ratio χ2 (homogeneity) Linear trend χ2 (discriminatory ability) AIC (overall performance)
8th AJCC pN 376.9 328.7 12,358
LNR 452.4 408.5 12,283
N′ 458.7 390.0 12,276
8th AJCC pTNM 425.3 344.4 12,312
TN′M 485.1 400.6 12,252
  1. AJCC American Joint Committee on Cancer, pN pathologically examined nodal classification, LNR lymph node ratio, N′ pathologically examined modified nodal classification, pTNM pathological tumor-node-metastasis classification, TNM pathological tumor-modified node-metastasis classification, AIC Akaike information criterion