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Fig. 3

From: Dual prognostic role of 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenases in ten cancer types: implications for cell cycle regulation and cell adhesion maintenance

Fig. 3

Tumor subgroup analyses and evaluation of prognosis predictive performance of gene signatures across different malignant grades. Kaplan–Meier plots show independence of a signature 1 (green panels) and b signature 2 (red panels) over the current TNM staging system in predicting prognosis in different cancer cohorts. Patients were sub-grouped according to TNM stages and further stratified using either signature 1 or signature 2 scores. Both signatures successfully identified high-risk patients in different TNM stages. P values were calculated from the log-rank test. Analysis of specificity and sensitivity of c signature 1 (green panels) and d signature 2 (red panels) in predicting prognosis in different cancer cohorts using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves. Plots depict comparison of ROC curves of signature 1 or 2 and clinical TNM staging. Both signatures demonstrate incremental values over the current TNM staging system. AUC: area under the curve. TNM: tumor, node, metastasis staging. Liver #2 = LIRI-JP cohort and Liver #3 = GSE14520 cohort (Additional file 1). Representative plots are depicted in this figure. Additional plots are available in Additional file 4

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