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Fig. 5

From: Boron delivery agents for neutron capture therapy of cancer

Fig. 5

Boron cluster-loaded liposomes for tumor BNCT. a Schematic illustration of liposomes incorporating Na3 [1-(2′-B10H9)-2-NH3B10H8] for BNCT. b The biodistribution of boron in EMT6 tumor-bearing mice after a single intravenous injection (340–345 µg of boron; red diamond = blood, green triangle = tumor, blue square = liver). c Tumor growth curves normalized with respect to mean volume on day 0 after BNCT treatment consisted of a 30-min irradiation following double injection of liposomal suspension (set as the time of irradiation): black circle control group; white square, BNCT group. d Kaplan–Meier time-to-event curves indicating time required to reach a 500-mm3 tumor volume (solid black line, control group; solid gray line, neutron irradiation-only group; dashed line, BNCT group). Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2013, National Academy of Science [99]

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