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Table 3 ASB3 gene mutations in colorectal cancer tissues and cell lines

From: The loss-of-function mutations and down-regulated expression of ASB3 gene promote the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer cells

Mutation genotype Mutation type Exon Codon change Amino acid change Case ID/Cell line
Colorectal cancer tissues  
 CDS 21C→Ga Nonsense Exon 2 TAC→TAG b Y7stop C56
 chr2:53810098 G→C Splice-site Exon 3/Intron C53
 CDS 404G→R Missense Exon 4 GGA→GAA G135E S78, S64
 CDS 1084C→Y Missense Exon 8 CGC→TGC R362C S35
 CDS 1016A→W Missense Exon 8 AAA→ATA K339I S12, S61, S64
Colorectal cancer cell lines  
 CDS 471A→T Missense Exon 5 GAA→GAT E157D HCT116
 CDS 471A→W Missense Exon 5 GAA→GAT E157D HT-29
 CDS 24G→R Synonymous Exon 2 GCG→GCA Non DLD-1
 CDS 25G→K Missense Exon 2 GAC→TAC D9Y DLD-1
 CDS 154T→Y Missense Exon 2 TAT→CAT Y52H DLD-1
 CDS 922G→R Missensee Exon 7 GCC→ACC A308T DLD-1
  1. ASB3, ankyrin repeat and suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) box protein 3
  2. The nucleotides in bold indicate the one mutated
  3. a CDS coding domain sequence; A, T, C, G, four types of nucleotides; R = A/G; Y = C/T; W = A/T; K = G/T
  4. bamino acid codon