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Table 1 Parameters of the GdmCl-induced unfolding of ES variants

From: Comparisons of biophysical properties and bioactivities of mono-PEGylated endostatin and an endostatin analog

Protein \(\rm\Delta {\text{G}}^{\text{o}}_{{{\text{N}}{-}{\text{U}}}}\) (kJ/mol) m (kJ·L/mol2) Cm (mol/L)
ES 29.23 12.88 2.27
ZBP-ES 24.16 10.70 2.26
M2ES 31.27 14.31 2.18
MZBP-ES 20.57 9.65 2.13
  1. GdmCl guanidinium chloride, \(\varDelta G^{o}_{{N{-}U}}\) the free change energy in the absence of GdmCl, m the apparent m value defined by the linear extrapolation model, C m the concentration of GdmCl at the midpoint of the unfolding transition, ES endostatin, ZBP-ES zinc-binding protein-ES, M 2 ES mono-PEGylated ES, MZBP-ES mono-PEGylated ZBP-ES