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Fig. 3

From: Comparisons of biophysical properties and bioactivities of mono-PEGylated endostatin and an endostatin analog

Fig. 3

Biological activities of ES variants. a and b Representative images and quantified results of the Tranwell migration assay for endothelial cells. Human microvascular endothelial cells (HMECs) were seeded into the upper well of the Boyden chamber and treated with the indicated proteins for 6 h. Cells were stained with crystal violet, photographed, and counted. c In the wound healing assay, the HMEC monolayer was scratched and cultured in serum-free media in the absence or presence of the indicated proteins for 48 h. Cells were photographed at 0 and 48 h, respectively, and the relative wound closure was quantified. d Erk phosphorylation of ES variant treatments examined by Western blotting. Error bars indicate standard deviations (SDs). *P< 0.05, **P< 0.01, ***P< 0.001, vs. control

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