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Fig. 6

From: Structural analysis of tumor-related single amino acid mutations in human MxA protein

Fig. 6

Cancer-related MxA mutations in Stalk. a the MxA Stalk oligomer in the crystal lattice, as represented by a linear hexamer. The monomers are color-coded and labeled in the same manner as in Fig. 4b. Note that compared with the relative direction of the full-length MxA hexamer in Fig. 4b, the Stalk hexamer has been rotated clockwise for 90° along the X axis, and then 180° along the Y axis. b A magnified view from the dashed rectangle in Fig. 6a corresponding to interface 3 shows the interaction between G392 and V449 from parallel monomers. The monomers 2 and 4 are removed for clarity. The invisible Loop 2 on the stalk (L2 S ) in this model is indicated with a dashed line. c N491 forms a hydrogen bond with D385 from another α-helix. d R522 is enveloped by three nearby glutamates. e L619 is surrounded by several hydrophobic residues

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