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Fig. 2

From: Structural analysis of tumor-related single amino acid mutations in human MxA protein

Fig. 2

Overview of the distribution of cancer-related mutations within the human myxovirus resistant protein A (MxA) domains. a schematic representation of the domain structure of human MxA. N′-loop N-terminal disordered loop; B bundle-signaling-element domain (BSE), G G domain; H Hinge 1, S Stalk. Borders of the domains are indicated by corresponding residue numbers. b overview of the position of all mutations in MxA. The G domain is colored in orange, BSE in red, Hinge 1 in sky-blue, and Stalk in green. The missing N-terminal 44 residues (shown in magenta) and L4 (shown in cyan) are indicated as dashed lines. Mutations that are included by the reference model are illustrated as yellow spheres. Residues that are missing in this reference model but are present in other reference models are illustrated as filled yellow circles. Residues missing in all reference structures are shown as yellow stars. cf overview of the mutations in individual domains of MxA, as outlined by dashed rectangles in Fig. 2a at the corresponding areas: c G domain, d BSE, e Hinge 1, and f Stalk. Note that the representations of e Hinge 1 and f Stalk representations were rotated counter-clockwise 90° from those in Fig. 2b

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