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Figure 2 | Chinese Journal of Cancer

Figure 2

From: Hepatocellular adenoma with malignant transformation in male patients with non-cirrhotic livers

Figure 2

Magnetic resonance images show a large mass involving the right hepatic lobe. The mass with thickened tortuous vessels on the edge shows low signal intensity on T1-weighted dual-echo images (A and B), and slightly long signal intensity on T2-weighted images (C). D, in the arterial phase, heterogenous contrast enhancement is noted. E, in the portal venous phase, the heterogenous contrast enhancement of the tumor persists. F, the enhancement extent of the tumor remains greater than the liver parenchyma in the delayed phase. Coral image (G) and sagittal image (H) show the tumor and non-tumorous liver simultaneously. The liver is non-cirrhotic.

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