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Table 2. Histological and genomic features of the rare subtypes of epithelial ovarian cancer (OC)

From: The PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in ovarian cancer: therapeutic opportunities and challenges

OC rare subtype Histological similarities Oncogenic alterations
Low-grade serous None KRAS mutation (40%)
BRAF mutation (5%)
HER2 mutation (15%)
Mucinous Mucinous intestinal tumors KRAS mutation (50%)
BRAF mutation (5%)
HER2 amplification (15%)
Endometrioid Endometrial cancer PTEN mutation/loss (40%)
PIK3CA mutation (20%)
β-catenin mutation (40%)
Clear cell Renal cell cancer PIK3CA mutation (35%)
MET amplification (25%)
Transitional cell/Brenners tumors of the ovary Urothelial tumors NA
  1. NA, not available.