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Table 1. Phenotypic-genotypic classification of ovarian carcinomas: 5 distinct diseases according to Prat[5]

From: Pathobiology of ovarian carcinomas

Classification Incidence Median age (years) Risk factor(s) Precursor lesions Molecular abnormalities Pattern of spread Chemosensitivity Prognosis
High-grade serous 70% 64 BRCA1/2 STIC P53/BRCA Very early transcoelomic High Poor
Low-grade serous <5% 43 NA Borderline BRAF, KRAS Transcoelomic Intermediate Intermediate
Mucinous 3% 45–50 NA Borderline KRAS, HER2 Typically confined to the ovary Low Favorable
Endometrioid 10% 40–50 Lynch syndrome Endometriosis PTEN, ARID1A Typically confined to the pelvis High Favorable
Clear cell 5%–10% 55 Lynch syndrome +/− Endometriosis HNF1b, ARID1A, PIK3CA, MET Typically confined to the pelvis Low Intermediate
  1. STIC, serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma; NA, not available.