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Fig. 3

From: A homogenized approach to classify advanced gastric cancer patients with limited and adequate number of pathologically examined lymph nodes

Fig. 3

Kaplan–Meier analysis showing the detailed survival differences of the study cohort using the different TNM classifications. Illustration of the overall survival of advanced gastric cancer patients using the a 8th AJCC TNM classification, b 8th AJCC TNM classification stratified into Limited (< 16 eLNs) and Adequate (≥ 16 eLNs) eLN cohort, and c the TN′M classification, which consists of patients re-classified using the N′ classification and it can be found to demonstrate a better demarcation between patients with less advanced disease (IB′) in contrast to those with more advanced disease. Note: the horizontal broken lines demonstrate the survival differences between c and a and simultaneously the rationale for formulating c from b. AJCC American Joint Committee on Cancer, TNM tumor-node-metastasis, eLN pathologically examined lymph node, TNM modified TNM

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