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Table 1 Single cell-analytic methods used in different cancers

From: Immune contexture defined by single cell technology for prognosis prediction and immunotherapy guidance in cancer

Cancer Single cell-analysis technology References
Melanoma Single-cell RNA sequencing [100,101,102]
Single-cell barcode chip (SCBC) [103]
Leukemia Single-cell RNA sequencing [104]
Single-cell exome sequencing [105]
Single-cell mass cytometry [106]
Pancreatic cancer Single-cell RNA sequencing [107, 108]
Cervical carcinoma High-dimensional single-cell mass cytometry [109,110,111]
Single-cell whole-genome sequencing [75, 111]
Glioma Single-cell RNA sequencing [112,113,114,115]
Thyroid carcinoma Single-cell DNase sequencing (scDNase-seq) [116, 117]