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Fig. 2

From: Metabolic reprogramming and redox adaptation in sorafenib-resistant leukemia cells: detected by untargeted metabolomics and stable isotope tracing analysis

Fig. 2

Scores scatter plot and loading S-plot from the supervised OPLS discriminant analyses distinguish the unique metabolomic profiles of BaF3/ITD-R from BaF3/ITD cells. OPLS-DA score plots under the a ESI+-HILIC mode and b ESI-RPLC mode. Highly altered metabolites identified by the S-plot under ESI+-HILIC mode (c) and ESI-RPLC mode (d). Dots in the upper right: metabolites increased in BaF3/ITD-R cells. Dots in the lower left: metabolites decreased in BaF3/ITD-R cells t1 and t2, variables after dimensional reduction; p1, the influence of different metabolites; p corr, the confidence of different metabolites. P corr > 0.5, significant markers; P corr > 0.8, markers with high confidence. OPLS orthogonal partial least square, ESI electrospray ionization, HILIC Hydrophilic interaction chromatography, RPLC reversed-phase liquid chromatography

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