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Fig. 4

From: TES functions as a Mena-dependent tumor suppressor in gastric cancer carcinogenesis and metastasis

Fig. 4

TES inhibits the interaction between Mena and Lpd. a Western blotting of immunoprecipitates prepared using antibodies against TES revealed that TES interacted with Mena. b Western blotting of immunoprecipitates prepared using antibodies against Mena revealed that Mena interacted with TES. c Mena protein expression in GC cell lines detected by Western blotting. d The association of Lpd and TES expression in Ad-TES- or Ad-Control-transfected MKN45 cells detected by Western blotting. Overexpression of TES had no effect on the Lpd expression in MKN45 cells. e Western blotting of immunoprecipitates from Ad-TES-transfected MKN45 cells show that overexpression of TES reduced the level of Lpd in the immunoprecipitates prepared using antibodies against Mena. The immunoprecipitates from Ad-Control-transfected MKN45 cells were served as control. The loading volume of immunoprecipitates was 10 μL for each sample. Three independent experiments were performed. f The level of Lpd (band intensity) binding to Mena in Ad-TES-transfected cells and Ad-Control-transfected cells were compared by Student’s t-test. The results are expressed as mean ± SD of at least three independent experiments

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