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Fig. 2

From: TES functions as a Mena-dependent tumor suppressor in gastric cancer carcinogenesis and metastasis

Fig. 2

Overexpression of TES suppresses the tumorigenicity of SGC7901 and MKN45 cells in vivo. a Tumor growth curves of Ad-TES-transfected SGC7901 and MKN45 cells in nude mice were compared with Ad-Control-transfected cells in tumorigenicity assay. The data were analyzed by ANOVA. The average tumor volume is expressed as mean ± SD in seven inoculated nude mice for each group. b Representative pictures of dissected tumors from nude mice 6 weeks following injection of Ad-TES or Ad-Control-transfected SGC7901 and MKN45 cells and control cells (n = 7 mice per group), respectively. The tumor volumes are smaller in the Ad-TES group than in the Ad-Control group. c Tumor weights were compared between the Ad-TES group and the Ad-Control group by ANOVA. The results are expressed as mean ± SD

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