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Fig. 5

From: Proposal and validation of a modified staging system to improve the prognosis predictive performance of the 8th AJCC/UICC pTNM staging system for gastric adenocarcinoma: a multicenter study with external validation

Fig. 5

Proposal of a modified pTNM staging system according to the best log-rank χ2 values in the training cohort. In the modified pTNM staging system, stage IIIA was composed of T3N2, T4aN1, and T4bN0; stage IIIB was composed of T2N3a, T3N3a, T4aN2, T4bN1, and T4bN2; and stage IIIC was composed of T2N3b, T3N3b, T4aN3a, T4aN3b, T4bN3a, and T4bN3b. The M classification was not considered since all patients underwent R0 resection and had no distant metastasis

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