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Fig. 6

From: IL-2Rα up-regulation is mediated by latent membrane protein 1 and promotes lymphomagenesis and chemotherapy resistance in natural killer/T-cell lymphoma

Fig. 6

Apoptosis assay of NK-92 and SNK-6 cells transduced with lentivirus-encoded IL-2Rα or negative control (NC) lentivirus vector. Cells were collected and resuspended in binding buffer containing Annexin V-PE and 7-AAD, then processed for flow cytometry. In each box, the left lower region indicates viable cells negative for 7-AAD and Annexin V-PE; the left upper region indicates damaged cells; the right lower region indicates early-stage apoptotic cells positive for Annexin V-PE but negative for 7-AAD; and the right upper region indicates late-stage apoptotic or dead cells positive for Annexin V-PE and 7-AAD. Numbers indicate the percentage of cells in each region. Results are representative of three independent experiments

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