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Table 2 Treatment details of combination regimens

From: Characterization of drug responses of mini patient-derived xenografts in mice for predicting cancer patient clinical therapeutic response

Regimen Drug 1 Drug 2 Drug 3
2 S-1 (6.9 mg/kg, po, qd*14) Oxaliplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) NA
3 Capecitabine (400 mg/kg, po, qd*14) Oxaliplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) NA
4 Capecitabine (400 mg/kg, po, qd*14) Oxaliplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) Epirubicin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw)
5 Cisplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) 5-FU (15 mg/kg, ip, qd*5) Docetaxel (20 mg/kg, ip, qw)
7 Gemzar (60 mg/kg, ip, q4d) Cisplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) NA
12 Oxaliplatin (5 mg/kg, ip, qw) Irinotecan (40 mg/kg, ip, q4d) NA
  1. Drug combinations used to test efficacy in PDX models, including detailed treatment conditions in brackets (); Combination regimens have the same numbering as Table 3
  2. NA not available, po per os, ip intraperitoneal, qd once a day, biw twice a week, qw once a week, q4d once every 4 days