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Fig. 7

From: Lower genomic stability of induced pluripotent stem cells reflects increased non-homologous end joining

Fig. 7

Genome stability of mice derived from lv-iPSCs or ESCs following exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). Controls were C57 mice. a Mice were generated from lv-iPSCs or ESCs through tetraploid embryo complementation. Representative results from three independent experiments are shown. b Examples of bones from the three types of mice, from which marrow cells were extracted. c Box plots showing the percentage of impaired bone marrow cells in each mouse strain. DNA damage was evaluated using single-cell gel electrophoresis **P < 0.01. d Box plots showing the percentage of Tail DNA in impaired cells as a measure of DNA damage. Tail DNA% = Tail DNA intensity/Cell DNA Intensity × 100%. CASP software was used to calculate tail moment based on 50–100 randomly selected cells per sample

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