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Fig. 5

From: Lower genomic stability of induced pluripotent stem cells reflects increased non-homologous end joining

Fig. 5

High genome stability of ci-iPSCs. a Western blot analysis of phosphorylated ATM (p-ATM) in ci-iPS, lv-iPS and ESCs before and after ionizing irradiation. b Circos plot showing genetic alterations in irradiated ci-iPSCs and ESCs, based on the corresponding untreated cells as a reference. Chromosome numbers are indicated as the outermost labels. c Histograms showing the number of SNVs in each genomic region of irradiated lv-iPSCs, ci-iPSCs and MEFs. CDS coding sequence, SNV single-nucleotide variants, UTR untranslated region. d Histograms showing the numbers of SNVs in the coding regions of irradiated lv-iPSCs, ci-iPSCs and MEFs

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