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Table 2 Identified PCGs and lncRNAs and their associations with prognosis

From: Protein-coding genes combined with long noncoding RNA as a novel transcriptome molecular staging model to predict the survival of patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Ensemble ID Gene symbol Gene name Chromosome location Coefficienta P valuea Gene expression level association with prognosis
ENSG00000075213 SEMA3A Semaphorin 3A Chromosome 7: 83955777–84492724 (−) 0.17 0.01 High
ENSG00000133134 BEX2 Brain-expressed X-linked protein 2 Chromosome X: 103309346–103311046 (−) − 0.22 0.01 Low
ENSG00000234572 LINC01800   Chromosome 2: 64846130–64863626 (−) − 0.20 0.00 Low
  1. PCG Protein-coding gene, lncRNA long non-coding RNA
  2. aDerived from univariable Cox regression analysis of the GSE53624 dataset