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Table 4 Studies that support surgery as part of the multimodality management for selected patients with SCLC

From: Selection of candidates for surgery as local therapy among early-stage small cell lung cancer patients: a population-based analysis

First author and year of publication Recruitment period Indications of surgery as local therapy
VALG or TNM stage Tumor size N category
Rostad, 2004 [12] 1993–1999 Ia (T1-2N0, 6th or earlier edition) Any size N0
Lim, 2008 [15] 1980–2006 I–II (6th or earlier edition) Any size N0
Hanagiri, 2009 [16] 1980–2004 I and partb of II-IIIa Any size N0-2
Yu, 2010 [14] 1988–2004 I (T1-2N0, 6th or earlier edition)c Any size N0
Schreiber, 2010 [9] 1998–2002 Limited stage (T1-4, Nx-0) Any size N0
Weksler, 2012 [18] 1988–2007 I-II (6th or earlier edition) Any size N0-1
Luchtenborg, 2014 [11] 1998–2009 Early stage based on similar principles for NSCLC Any size N0-1
Combs, 2015 [17] 1998–2011 I-III (6th or 7th edition) Any size N0-2
NCCN Guideline [19]   T1-2N0 (7th edition) 0–7 cm N0
The present study 2004–2013 T1-2N0 (8th edition) 0–5 cm N0
  1. SCLC small cell lung cancer, VALG Veterans Administration Lung Study Group, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, NCCN National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  2. aPatients with stage I lesion located at the peripheral site
  3. bPatients with stage II–IIIa SCLC who responded to induction chemotherapy
  4. cPatients with stage I SCLC who underwent lobectomy and had reasonable overall survival outcomes