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Table 3 Dosimetric data for GTVp

From: Effects of dosimetric inadequacy on local control and toxicities in the patients with T4 nasopharyngeal carcinoma extending into the intracranial space and treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy plus chemotherapy

Item Dosimetric data
GTVp (cm3) 64.8 (22.7–166.9)
Dmin (Gy) 55.2 (48.3–67.3)
D50 (Gy) 71.7 (67.7–75.0)
D95 (Gy) 61.6 (52.6–69.0)
Dmax (Gy) 77.1 (75.3–79.4)
  1. All values are presented as mean followed by range in parentheses
  2. GTVp primary gross target volume (nasopharyngeal tumor), D max maximum point dose, D min minimum point dose, D 50 dose to 50% of the target volume, D 95 dose to 95% of the target volume