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Fig. 4

From: Down-regulation of E-cadherin enhances prostate cancer chemoresistance via Notch signaling

Fig. 4

Overexpressing E-cadherin inhibits PC3-TxR and DU145-TxR cell migration and invasion and partly restores paclitaxel sensitivity. a PC3-TxR-E-cadherin and DU145-TxR-E-cadherin cells show epithelial morphology. Cells transfected with control lentiviral vectors are named PC3-TxR-control and DU145-TxR-control, respectively; and cells transfected with E-cadherin-expressing lentiviral vectors are named PC3-TxR-E-cadherin and DU145-TxR-E-cadherin, respectively. Cell morphology was observed under a microscope at 200× magnification. b qPCR and Western blotting analysis of E-cadherin expression. c Western blotting analysis of β-catenin, Vimentin, and Claudin-1 expression. d Migratory and invasive abilities were analyzed using transwell assays, and representative photomicrographs of migrating and invading cells were quantified, respectively. e E-cadherin overexpression partly reverses paclitaxel resistance in chemoresistant PCa cells. All cells were treated with paclitaxel for 72 h. Cell survival was determined using MTS assay. The mean ± SEM values of data from three independent experiments are presented. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01

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