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TableĀ 3 Ongoing randomized trials of GC surgery techniques

From: Evolution of gastric surgery techniques and outcomes

Authors and the trial number Procedure Target sample size (cases) Endpoint
Sasako et al. (JCOG 0110) Gastrectomy with splenectomy vs. without splenectomy 500 OS
Doki et al. (JCOG 1001) Gastrectomy with bursectomy vs. without bursectomy 1200 OS
Kim et al. (KLASS 01) ODG vs. LADG 342 OS
Katai et al. (JCOG 0912) ODG vs. LADG for early-stage GC 920 OS
Kitano et al. (JLSSG0901) ODG vs. LADG for advanced-stage GC 500 Incidence, RFS
  1. RFS recurrence-free survival, Incidence incidence of anastomotic leakage or pancreatic fistula, GC gastric cancer, LADG laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy, ODG open distal gastrectomy