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Fig. 1

From: The Philadelphia chromosome in leukemogenesis

Fig. 1

The structure of the breakpoint cluster region (BCR)-proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase (ABL1) gene and protein. a The BCR-ABL1 fusion gene consists of the 5′ end of the BCR gene located at 22q11 and the 3′ end of the ABL1 gene located at 9q34. The breakpoints of the translocation usually involve the intron 13 or 14 of BCR, named major breakpoint (M-BCR), intron 1 of BCR, named minor breakpoint (m-BCR), and exon 19 of BCR, named μ breakpoint (μ-BCR). For ABL1, the breakpoint always involves the region between exons 1b and 2. b The BCR-ABL1 protein contains the Ser/Thr kinase domain and the Rho/GEF domain of BCR and the src homology (SH) domains, nuclear localization signal (NLS), and actin-binding domains from ABL1. The SH1 kinase domain is the target of imatinib. The different breakpoints that generate the p230, p210, and p190 isoforms are shown

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