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Fig. 2

From: Meeting report on the first Sino-Dutch symposium on oncology

Fig. 2

Some of the speakers at the first Sino-Dutch Symposium on Oncology. From left to right: Dr. Shuang Liao, Dr. Yu-Jia Zhu, Prof. Zhen-Ffeng Zhang, Prof. Jean-Phille Pignol, Prof. Marion de Jong, Prof. Jaap Verweij, Prof. Chao-Nan (Miles) Qian (in the front), Prof. Timo ten Hagen (in the back), Prof. Jose Hardillo, Prof. Clemens Löwik, Mr. Raoul Tan, Prof. Reno Debets, Mrs. Gonny Pasaribu, Prof. Li-Wu Fu, and Mr. Jingmin Kan (Assistant Counsellor for Science and Technology at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China)

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