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Fig. 4

From: Mechanisms of vascularization in murine models of primary and metastatic tumor growth

Fig. 4

Blood supply of liver metastases. a Stereomicroscopic image of colorectal carcinoma liver metastases after two colored casting procedure. Blue resin was injected into the portal vein and red resin was injected into the arterial system. Smaller metastases supplied by the portal system appear white (since the portal system was filled up to the level of terminal portal venules, the resin does not enter the sinusoids and, consequently, it does not enter the small metastases). Red resin appears in metastases that are in direct connection with the arterial system. Note that all of these metastases are larger than those that appear white. Scale bar 1 mm. b An arterial metastasis after corrosion of liver tissue. The artery (red) runs next to the portal venule (blue) and enters the metastasis (small arrowheads) centrally (arrow). Moderate dilatation of the artery can be observed near the entry site (arrow). The red resin injected into the arterial system appears also in the central vein (large arrowhead). Scale bar 100 µm

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