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Table 7 Selection of visualized pathways

From: Why some tumours trigger neovascularisation and others don’t: the story thus far

Proteins equally expressed in angiogenic and non-angiogenictumours Proteins up-regulated in angiogenic tumours Proteins up-regulated in non-angiogenic tumours
Pathway Databases Pathway Databases Pathway Databases
Focal adhesion KEGG, WikiPathways Focal adhesion KEGG, WikiPathways
VEGF-related KEGG, Panther, Reactome
Angiogenesis Panther, WikiPathways Angiogenesis Panther Angiogenesis Panther
Itegrin signalling Panther
Oxidative stress Panther, WikiPathways
Cell response to stress Reactome
Delta-Notch WikiPathways
Collagen-related pathways Reactome
Cell–cell communication Reactome
Integrin signaling Panther
   EGF-related pathways WikiPathways, Panther
Response to Hypoxia Reactome
Ephrins signaling Reactome Ephrins-related pathways Reactome
Regulation of HIF by oxygen Reactome
Regulation of genes by HIF Reactome
Nitrogen metabolism KEGG