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Table 2 Occipital lymph node metastases from different diseases

From: Occipital lymph node metastasis from nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a special case report and literature review

Authors/year Sex/age Primary disease Histology Treatment Result
Tian et al. [13]/1992 5 patients: Absent Squamous cell carcinoma Resection Three survived (median follow-up, 68 months)
M/30Y, Survived
F/40Y, Died
M/45Y, Died
F/37Y, Survived
M/52Y Survived
Tian et al. [13]/1992 M/22Y Sweat gland tumor Syringocarcinoma Resection Died
Tian et al. [13]/1992 M/26Y Absent Melanoma Resection Survived (follow-up, 115 months)
He et al. [15]/1996 F/53Y Lung cancer Squamous cell carcinoma Treatment refusal Absent
Lin et al. [17] /1997 F/75Y Thyroid cancer Thyroid papillary microcarcinoma Resection Died after 17 months of treatment
Sheth et al. [14]/2010 F/45Y Sweat gland tumor Mucinous eccrine carcinoma Chemotherapy + radiotherapy Died 8 years after the first treatment
Kamper et al. [16]/2011 F/69Y Lung cancer Bronchial carcinoma Chemotherapy + radiotherapy Absent
Karabeir et al. [18]/2011 F/82Y Thyroid cancer Thyroid follicular carcinoma Absent Absent
  1. F female; M male; Y years