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Figure 2

From: Predictive biomarkers in precision medicine and drug development against lung cancer

Figure 2

Molecular heterogeneity in lung adenocarcinoma. a The status of genetic alterations in 230 lung adenocarcinomas retrieved from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database [28]. The mutation frequencies (%) are shown on the left of graph. Each vertical line represents a tumor. The graph shows mutations in the top seven cancer driver genes in lung adenocarcinoma. Red amplification, blue homozygous deletion, green missense mutation, black truncating mutation, brown in-frame mutation. b, c Mutations in EGFR and TP53 in the same 230 adenocarcinomas. The gray bars represent the entire lengths of the EGFR and TP53 proteins, with the number of amino acids indicated at the bottom of each gray bar. The green, red, and blue boxes indicate protein domains. The lines and dots indicate the locations and frequencies of mutations detected in the EGFR and TP53 genes. Green missense mutations, red nonsense or frameshift mutations, black in-frame deletions. The data were retrieved from

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