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Table 1 Comparison of the working system for lung cancer trials among 3 institutes

From: Insight into early-phase trials for lung cancer in the United States

Department Pulmonary Oncology Thoracic Head and Neck Medical Oncology Thoracic Head and Neck Medical Oncology
Physicians Medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists Medical oncologists Medical oncologists
Multidisciplinary clinic No No Yes
Multidisciplinary conference Yes Yes Yes
Grand roundsa No Yes Yes
Working group meeting for trials Every 2–3 weeks Weekly Weekly
PRMC meeting No Yes, monthly Yes, biweekly
Molecular tumor board or discussion and strategies for incorporation of molecular characteristics No No Yes
Academic discussion about translational medicine of lung cancer Monthly No No
Clinical trials in September 2014   Not available  
 Phase 1 3   8
 Phase 2 4   8
 Phase 3 4   4
 Others 7   3
Clinical trials in December 2014    Not available
 Phase 1 5 28  
 Phase 2 5 15  
 Phase 3 4 3  
 Others 7 1  
  1. GLCI Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute, MDACC MD Anderson Cancer Center, UWCCC University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, PRMC protocol review and monitoring committee.
  2. aGrand Round refers to an academic lecture formally given by a specialist, expert, professor, scientist, or occasionally, a PhD student who is within a hospital/institute/university or from outside.