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Table 2 Current status of clinical trials of CIK cells

From: Cytokine-induced killer (CIK) cells: from basic research to clinical translation

Target disease Registered trial Phase Combined treatment Enrolled patients (cases)
Lung cancer NCT01498055 II/III None 120
NCT01631357 II/III Chemotherapy 200
Small cell lung cancer NCT01592422 II Best supportive care 60
NCT01481259 II/III Chemotherapy 120
Non-small cell lung cancer NCT01902875 Undefined Chemotherapy 100
NCT01871480 II Gefitinib 50
Hepatocellular carcinoma NCT01821482 II DC 100
NCT01758679 IV Chemotherapy 120
NCT01749865 III None 200
NCT00769106 III None 200
Renal cell carcinoma NCT01924156 I/II Adenovirus-transfected autologous DC 30
NCT00862303 I/II DC + cytokines 100
NCT01240005 I/II None 30
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma NCT01655628 II Chemotherapy 40
NCT01821495 II DC 100
Esophageal carcinoma NCT01691625 Undefined Chemoradiotherapy + DC 50
NCT01691664 Undefined Radiotherapy + DC 40
Colorectal cancer NCT01839539 II DC 60
NCT02202928 II Chemoradiotherapy + DC 60
NCT01929499 II None 210
Gastric cancer NCT02215837 II DC 40
NCT01783951 I/II Chemotherapy + DC 70
Pancreatic cancer NCT01781520 I/II Chemotherapy + DC 30
Cholangiocarcinoma NCT01868490 I/II None 13
High-risk soft tissue sarcoma NCT01898663 I/II Adenovirus-transfected autologous DC 30
Malignant glioma NCT01235845 I/II DC 30
Triple negative breast neoplasms NCT01395056 Undefined Chemotherapy + DC 50
Solid tumor NCT01914263 I None 40
Solid tumor and B-cell lymphoma NCT01799083 I/II Chemotherapy 100
Hematologic malignancies NCT00460694 I/II None 20
NCT00477035 I/II Chemotherapy 22
NCT01186809 II None 39
NCT00186342 Undefined Ablative allo-HCT 120
Multiple myeloma NCT00185757 I None 20
Acute leukemia NCT01956630 I/II Genetically modified DC 25
Chronic myeloid leukemia NCT00815321 II None 11
Acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome NCT00394381 I/II None 17
Myelodysplastic syndrome NCT01392989 II Chemotherapy 21
Lymphoma NCT01828008 Undefined None 20
Malignant tumor NCT01884168 Undefined DC 30
  1. These data were searched on 15 July 2014 from the website ( The key word “cytokine-induced killer cells” was used. DC, dendritic cells; HCT, hematopoietic cell transplantation.